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  • State Compensation Insurance Fund
    State Compensation Insurance Fund

State Compensation Insurance Fund

Redding, CA
Technical Architect

State Compensation Insurance Fund is the largest workers’ compensation insurer in the state of California. The Redding District Office is a new, 75,000 square foot, three-story, Class-A office building located on an 11.5-acre site on a prominent intersection. The project features open offices, a café, extensive landscaping, and a Thermal Energy Storage System, which includes an array of six ice storage tanks, one air-cooled chiller, and distribution pumps. The chiller produces and stores ice during the night, and the chiller does not run during the on-peak electrical period, reducing demand by approximately 200 kW.

As the Technical Architect, Judy was responsible for implementing a fast-track, modified design-build process with multiple permits. The project required close coordination with the general contractor and review agencies.